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Well it is official. 

My GI doctor called and confirmed,  his diagnosis of Celiac’s Disease. He went from Possible, Probably to Confirmed in the last 10 days. We had a long conversation and discussed all my options.  It appears this is going to take awhile for my system to be healed, so there is “No Cheat” days, there is no sliding, and this is a life change, not a diet.

I will be going to see a nutritionist shortly; there are so many things to avoid. I guess it would be better to have a list of things I can eat, instead of what I cannot.

The Doctor also wants me to join the local support group. Will be heading to meet them on 2/12.

Now to the Doctor visit which has me a little freaked out, but only when I’m not at home and around my kids. All 3 of the munchkins go into tomorrow to physicals and I have asked both doctors to test for Celiac’s.

My youngest (9 year old girl), who shows the most symptoms is excited to find out if she is “allergic” to flour. My oldest (12 year old boy) said “Whatever, as long as I get to eat bacon.”

My Middle child (10 year old girl) is completely freaked out, because she may be allergic to “Thin Mints”!

I have told them the testing is mainly for me to make sure they are healthy. Yearly check-ups are necessary for to make sure there is nothing wrong with them, and if there is, the doctor will let us know what to do to make sure they get and stay healthy.

So keep your fingers crossed, if the youngest has a positive test, I don’t know what she will eat. She is extremely picky, she will probably only eat: apples, GF oatmeal and roasted skinless chicken legs.




I headed to the office on the first Day after diagnosis. Generally, I’m running out the door with an Atkins bar and cup of coffee or a diet Dr. Pepper.

I promised myself: I will be prepared. I will bring my breakfast and lunch!

After dinner on Sunday night, I prep for the next day, have menu and everything is ready to go.  Girls were in the bed early, but son got home late from his ski trip.

Little did I know, thanks to my best friends, I got sucked into a marathon!  I don’t know if it was actual insomnia, or a “Thank you Jennifer, Kathy and “Prairie *itch”.  I liked Little House on the Prairie when I was little, now I LOVE IT, thanks to Jennifer and Kathy referring the Biography by Nellie. I was up until 5am watching hour after hour of sappy, cry and everything ends up ok episodes from 1980-1981.

The girls were up 5:30, but hubby let me get another hour of sleep and he took the girls to early AM reading class at their school and I got to stay home and get the boy up and ready for school.

At 7:15, I’m running out the door loaded down with: laptop, blackberry, reader, purse and huge plastic bag of food. I get half way down the steps and realized; I have not had any meds today.  Tossed everything into the front seat, started the car, ran back inside, grabbed all my meds and a drink.  Back in the car, I head to the 27 mile commute to my office.

Whew that was easy, but I knew my first temptation was coming up. Pavlovs law, at mile marker 60, my stomach starts to growl as I pass Burger King, I stand firm, but by exit 56, I take the exit and my car tries to turn into Dunkin Donut, but once again. I stand firm.

Pull into to the office and drag all the items in and fix breakfast, to eat as I go over my emails from missing Thursday and Friday because of the  party with the doctors and surgury center.

YUMMY: Ice cold Lowfat Vanilla yogurt, frozen pineapple and sprinkled with Roasted Soy Nuts.

Today is going to be a great, I got it under control.

30 minutes after breakfast, I get a call reminding me I had a lunch meeting which was scheduled while out on Friday. “See you at the Siam Café”, was the cheerful person on the phone.


This is my favorite place to eat. I love the eggrolls, curry, soy noodles, and fried bananas. I have to go for business. I can’t mess up after 2 days.

11:30 came a lot quicker than I thought.  My lunch date was already there, as my team and I arrive. BUT I found things to eat. I have eaten at this place at least once a week or more for the last 3 years.  I asked a few questions and I got food! Not what I would have loved to eat, but I got to eat without trouble.

Lunch: Steam rice, just right to eat with chop sticks and fresh spring rolls. Did not have the peanut sauce, sweet and sour sauce or the soy, but it was still good.  Spring roll: inside: cabbage, carrots, basil, soy bean, rice noodles and shrimp, wrapped in tapioca wrap.

Then back to the office to more paperwork and another meeting.

My brain must have been completely in a cloud. I promised my girls I would volunteer at their summer camp and tonight is the meeting to set the group, see which age group the director will place me. This is the theme is “Forever Green”. Meeting starts at 6:30, will not be able to make it home, before the meeting, so Micky D’s for snack!

Snack: Diced apples and McDonald fries.

I’m listed as a Unit Assistant Leader, I get to help and not do a lot of planning.  They did not give me either of my girls’ group, so I get to be mom to them and not a leader. At the moment, I am the leader for of their Girl Scout Troops.

Dinner: Hubby roasted a naked chicken and I make Chicken Grits w/flax, served with fruit.

I made it through a work day. Today has made me feel good. I am proud of  myself on being able to adapt and I was able to be Gluten Free outside my home. 

Tomorrow, will be better because:

 1 “Little House on the Prairie” is not on

2: I’m dozing as I write this

3: I found I have the support and understanding of my team

4: I have made it through Day 1, Day 2 will be better

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